Camp Rockstar is a summer music experience unlike any other in Alberta. Presented by Visionary College, Camp Rockstar is for musicians and singers ages 13 - 18 who want to learn HOW TO ROCK!
As a participant in Camp Rockstar, for six days you will live music! Future rockers will rehearse and jam with band mates, write songs, and arrange material for a concert on the final day. This Rock Concert will be complete with lights and professional sound.

Students who are in a band already are encouraged to bring their groups with them so they can learn together. However, for those needing bandmates we will assign campers to bands based on interest and ability. The only requirement for Camp Rockstar is one year experience on your instrument.


Camp Rockstar 2016
August 15-19
Visionary College - South Edmonton
2804 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton AB
Tuition: $399


Camp Rockstar's program is structured to give young musicians the tools they need to become successful. The camp offers daily classes such as playing and performance techniques, music theory, rock history, instrument care and maintenance, proper use of equipment, developing good practice techniques through goal setting, and of course band rehearsal.
The staff consists of professional musicians, teachers, and industry personnel dedicated to educating and inspiring young musicians. They will share their experience and knowledge with the students to help them understand the array of options open to them in the music industry.